Well-known Bollywood actor, Vivek Oberoi has made a strategic investment in ‘food on move’ company, IchakDana LLP, a food & beverages franchise management company. Giving a further boost to his involvement with the company, Mr.Oberoi will also be the brand ambassador of IchakDana. This announcement was made at the 15th International Franchise and Retail show.

IchakDana aims at making available convenience food that is commercially prepared optimizing ease of food consumption through the F&B channel. This is both effortless and quick to serve. In addition, IchakDana announced their collaboration with two leading quick-serve-restaurants, namely – Café Udupi Ruchi and Chicken Xpress with exclusive franchise rights. Café Udupi Ruchi is the world first chef-less concept with a diversified menu that comes with authentic taste with assured quality that’s backed by a systemized process. Chicken Xpress, a brand originating from South Africa, is based on the concept called ‘Ubuntu’, which means ‘human kindness or humanity towards others’.

Commenting on his association with IchakDana, Mr. Vivek Oberoi said, “I am a huge proponent of health and fitness and I take pride in being part of IchakDana. I chose this food chain as an investment choice based on the consideration that it is in sync with my philosophy of having healthy, hygienic and convenient food. IchakDana was the perfect fit while evaluating other options that promises synergy for both of us.”

“At IchakDana, we strive to encourage healthy and convenient food options for our customers across India and sooner internationally. We are delighted to bring Vivek on-board as the flag bearer of our brand and as an investor. His ideology as a fitness enthusiast with a passion for healthy food perfectly matches our line of thought and business philosophy. Vivek has a huge fan following and we look forward to his mass brand appeal for conveying our message,” said Ms. Sonya Chowdhry, Director, IchakDana.

Source: Businessworld

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