Why is tea the best thing that happened to us?
Anyone who wants rejuvenation instantly must grab a cup of tea and you are active and amazing in a bit. Tea has that power that nothing can ever provide. The taste of the tea leaves poured into the glass is just so mesmerizing that nothing compares to that.

Why does a tea lover stay a tea lover for life?
First, we are Indians. If you don’t accept it as the best thing, then we are offending our religious values. We have to love this and there’s no need to show yourself as out of the box.

Secondly, the aroma that we get while the tea is cooked, my god! How can one resist that? The aroma itself refreshes half the body and the first sip is all one needs to experience.

Thirdly, the energy that tea gives can’t be gotten by any other means. Forget the red bull or your monster drinks.
The most common among Indians is the ‘slurp’ sound that they make, which is annoying for others but the one who is slurping knows the actual feel of it.

Ginger with proper cooking of tea is the ultimate mantra of the best chai in the world.
People around the world have taken this up as a start up and maximum of them are getting successful because why not?
The best thing comes in a cup and who else needs other things?
Coffee is one other beverage that many people love and even it’s aroma is irreplaceable but tea has its own aura which can never be snatched.

It’s a paradise moment for the chai lovers when they take up the sip, that’s the moment they visit the angels. (Over exaggeration since I’m high on tea)
So, Make tea, Drink tea, Love tea and Repeat.

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