Salman Khan got indicted and this has profoundly disheartened his fans and the Bollywood business. The blackbuck poaching case has stunned everybody and some have communicated their stun, distress and some have pummeled him excited, right and focus.

The case is 20 years of age as the occurrence occurred in October 1998. It is said that Salman shot two blackbucks. After the decision was given by the Jodhpur court, the “Kick” star was taken to Jodhpur Central Jail.

Yet, Salman’s fans are going distraught after he got indicted and was sent to the prison. The performing artist is as of now in Jodhpur correctional facility and holding up to get safeguard from the court.

The previous evening, a major episode occurred as 87 judges were moved in Rajasthan state. Rajendra Kumar Joshi is one if the judge who got exchanged. Oh my goodness, he is the person who gave the last judgment for Salman’s situation.

This sudden move of judges in Rajasthan has made a devastation. The authorities are stating that this standard exchange of the judges. We should perceive how this exchange will affect the safeguard of Salman Khan tomorrow.


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