Suppose it’s Friday. You’ve worked extremely hard all week, and you merit a decent session of pre-drinks before you take off to praise your companion’s birthday (a perfect scene to get the end of the week). Think nostalgic tunes, chatpat tidbits, and one-too much pre-drinks later…you are TURNT UP and prepared to take the night by its balls. In any case, trying to thinking back to your ex and completing your fourth glass of gin-and-tonic, you must put on fair garments (and shoes) to go meet your mates.

Which is precisely what Ranbir Kapoor’s outfit resembled. Try not to misunderstand us, however, the suit is costly and fab, yet whatever remains of it, looks something pulled together at the eleventh hour.

The principal warning is the monster tie that resembles it’s been hauled out of my granddad’s storage room. It stands out like a sore thumb and doesn’t help the look either. Be that as it may, what stands out more are those shoes. We mean… what are those damn shoes? Would someone be able to please take some time out to disclose the blending to us satisfy? We are in test form, however blue calfskin O’KEEFFE shoes with an exemplary Canali designed suit is like…umm…biryani with paneer. Probably not!

Ranbir is a strong fashion star, so we will give this look a pass, and overlook his enterprises in the place that is known for the irregular shoes. Next, please!


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