The company just pushed out a version of the HomePod firmware, Not only does it tell us about how will the Apple’s smart speakers work, it also reveals about the new iPhone.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith spotted the release on Friday morning and has been tweeting different discoveries since then.

And then after two days of research, Troughton-Smith found out some code that reveal different features of the iPhone.

No Home Button

As others explore through the code another developer Guilherme Rambo, they found more references to details about the new iPhone, like the lack of a home button:

Tap to wake!

Window Phone-style “tap to wake” functionality added:

Facial Expression Detection

The new iPhone will have facial expression recognition:

Bezel-free Design

Bezel-free design, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8. Guess what? That rumor seems to be confirmed:

For now, all we can do is WAIT. It will be interesting to know how much of this information is true and what will be the difference in the specifications.


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