Most sex scenes in movies aren’t real. They are simulated by actors who use body doubles and special angels to make it seem as if the actors are engaging in intercourse. When a movie contains real-life sex, we usually consider that to be porn and be in a whole different category of its own. But there are a few films that bypass the porn category and maintain the integrity of being a normal film while managing to have sex scenes in which the actors actually engaged in the act. Most of these movies are both iconic and infamous for this reason.

9 Songs

This movies, directed by Michael Winterbottom, is a British art, romantic drama film. Released in 2004 to a widely skeptical audience. Extremely controversial mainly due to its main actors, Kieran O’Brian and Margo Stilley engaging in actual sex in the film.


This French drama centered around a school student who engaged in actual sex encounters with the other cast mates on film in the story. While it is not the widest known film, it became infamous for that candid film fact and people flocked to watch it on the screen.


This infamous movie has been quoted and noted as being so incredibly sexual that people walked out of the theaters. Boasting a famous cast such as Helen Mirren and Peter O’Toole, audiences where captivated by the real sex scenes intermixed in the story line.


This movie is one of the more popular movies in this category. The film centers around an artsy sexual salon based in Brooklyn. The cast gets into quite a few sexy soirees and while the plot is interesting, the fact the sex scenes are said to be real, make it the most fascinating part.

The Brown Bunny

Released in 2003, this risque film caught the attention of movie goers because of a particularly graphic oral sex scene between the two main characters, Chloe Sevigny and Vincent Gallo. The scenes are said to be real and people were aghast of what was shown on film.

The Idiots

A film by Lars Von Trier, this 1998 comedy drama is full of sexy scenes and memorable moments. Most of the sex scenes between the characters are simulated by the actors, but one scene used porn industry body doubles to enact a real sex scene in the movie.


Al Pacino, one of the most notable and famous actors of a generation stars in this film about Pacino’s character looking for a gay serial killer. In the filming of the movie, a real gay sex scene was shot, but then later edited out to allow the movie to keep its R rating.


This award-wining British film acquired a lot of prestige for its filmmaking achievements. It also was infamous for the fact that the leading actors engaged in real sex on film for the movie. This film was even awarded the Best Film award at the Berlin Film Awards.

Pola X

Leave it to the French to really spice things up. This French film features a young novelist who meets a woman who claims to be his sister. The two engage in a romantic relationship that includes many un-simulated sex scenes! Watch out Game Of Thrones!


Also known as the film “Venom” in the United States. This 1966 film was first brought to the mainstream in Denmark. The film was the first in the country to feature un-simulated sex scenes between the main characters which left its mark in Danish history.

Satan’s Baby Doll

Bordering on the line of fetish and smut, this film really embraces the horror and thriller side of a movie that centers around sex. This hardcore version of a Mario Bianchi film, features real life intercourse between its leading actors in scenes that are completely unforgettable.

Otto; Or, Up With Dead People

If you are a huge fan of Zombies and sexy thrillers than your interest will most definitely be peaked by this interesting movie. The 2008 zombie film features many sexy scenarios which are said to be completely un-simulated by the actors, which has completely turned heads.

Nymphomaniac: Volume 1

Shia Lebouf knew what he signed on for when he was cast in Lars Von Triers sexy 2013 film. The filmmaker was not shy about telling audiences about the real life sex scenes between the two characters, but in the end Lebouf and the other lead were replaced by CGI with porn industry professionals.

Little Ashes

Robert Pattinson played a young Salvador Dali whose orgasm faced felt a little bit too real in the movie. Pattinson now admits that he actually masturbated on camera in order to achieve the authentic “O-face” that the director wanted him to achieve in the movie.


Another Lars Von Trier Film, this one featuring Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg, a couple dealing with the death of their very young son, really takes the term erotic horror to a new level. In trend with his other movies this too features many real life sex scenes between the main characters.



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