Music is vocal or instrumental sound (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. It is a gift, a universal emotional language that allows you to feel. It brings you closer to yourself and creates an avenue for empathy and understanding.

Music plays a vital role in our life. It is used in a variety of ways in our daily lives. It can be used for relaxing, social activities, dancing, and just background noise. For some, nearly every daily activity is accompanied by music while others listen to it only on occasion. It can be from the radio alarm clock in the morning to background music in a bar at night.

It has many forms and it keeps on changing with generations or through subsequent modification. In old days, music had its own charm, rhythm, and flow. But, today’s music has taken an about turn from where it was before. It used to be the most soothing form of art where one could enjoy even in the slow tunes. Now, everything has got loud noises and drums in it which has made music so loud and then, the latest discovery of cringe pop has made this even worse.

Nowadays, everybody is creating their own form of music where the lyrics and the tunes hardly matter. And, people too (audience) enjoy it so much and give a pump to those people who are unnecessarily creating music and have no sense regarding the definition of music. The evolution of “cringe pop” is in trend nowadays. This form has indulged the people of the nation especially the youth to such a level that the form is not only being popularized but also events related to it are being organized and merchandise is being sold.

The culprits are the people who create such kind of music and secondly the audience, who appreciate this cringe form so well that the creators feel like superstars. They are given more importance than any other personality in the country. People share their useless videos on social networking sites and even follow their songs making them famous and providing them with millions of followers.

Everyday some new personality comes up to the place making video and singing anything in the name of cringe pop and getting famous within a day or two. This way is saddening for those who have struggled so much in their lives to achieve something they dream of and by giving applause to such people creating nuisance is a loss on our part only. We need to understand that these people are just a loss for our industry and even for our country. We need to follow the ones who inspire us. Music has become just a motive of public stunt now!

Music is being deprived of its definition and we are the ones who are responsible for this. We need to understand that music has its own charm and its own rhythm.  It is about expressing yourself and creating an impact on listener’s mind.

Music is very diverse and is the most expressive form of art and we should not let it fade away just like that, with the invention of such cringe forms of music!


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