You would expect nothing less than a champagne reception, five-star dining, and cocktails, relaxing spa treatments and a great night’s sleep when staying at a luxury hotel.

And one Australian won the chance to experience all of those things – but had to enjoy them in the hotel’s lobby for all other guests and passers-by to see.

Bec Ormond and partner Mike Pinker spent 24 hours as a ‘live-in luxury art installation’ in the lobby of the Crown Towers in Perth, Australia, in one of 2017’s more bizarre hotel publicity stunts.

Couple Bec Ormond and Mike Pinker spent 24 hours in an open bedroom set up in the lobby of the Crown Towers hotel in Perth, Australia
The couple enjoyed massages by staff from the hotel’s spa in full view of all the other guests

The pair were plucked off the street in the city and asked if they wanted to have the money-can’t-buy-experience to mark the hotel’s first birthday.

But the catch was they had to stay in the lobby and even sleep there overnight rather than in one of the hotel’s rooms.

And after agreeing, their very-public hotel space was unveiled as they sipped on champagne. Later they enjoyed massages from the hotel spa’s beauty therapists for all to see before enjoying dinner and cocktails.

After sipping on champagne, the couple enjoyed dinner and were served at a table in the lobby

Then when it was time to sleep, they settled down in a make-shift bedroom.

According to the executive general manager of Crown Perth Hotels, Andrew Cairns, the installation was a fun, quirky way to bring to life what sets Crown Towers apart as a hotel brand.

He said: ‘Crown Towers has known the world over as the pinnacle of luxury.

At the end of the day, the couple settled down to sleep in their special bed – in the middle of the lobby

We’ve had a great first year here in Perth and have been amazed at how much the city has embraced and fallen in love with it.

‘Crown Towers Perth has truly redefined the standard for high-end accommodation in the market and what better way to celebrate that than by bringing to life some of those experiences in a fun way.’

In its first 12 months of operation, Crown Towers has popped over 31,000 bottles of champagne, shucked almost 46,000 oysters and won 10 accolades from various Australian hospitality and tourism awards.

Pictures and video courtesy of James Morgan.


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