A story posted by the Times Of India’s Ahmedabad about the 300% increase in BJP president Amit Shah’s assets over the pas five year’s vanishes from the newspaper’s site within few hours of publishing on Saturday.


Times of India editors whom The Wire contacted said they had no information about the article but also requested that they not be identified. A message to the top management of Bennet Coleman and Company Ltd, which owns the newspapers, remained unanswered at the time of publication of this story.

The Times of India (Ahmedabad edition) story which vanished from the newspaper’s websites on Saturday.

Similarly, The same article was posted in the DNA‘s print edition and the website but on Saturday was taken down.

The story was still available in DNA’s e-paper:

Screenshot of Amit Shah’s assets story in DNA on Saturday.

This isn’t the first instance of the Times Group deleting stories without informing its readers of the reasons. Ironically, a report on India’s low ranking on the World Press Freedom index was pulled down from the TOI and ET websites in May. When News Laundry contacted the then TOI.in editor, Prasad Sanyal, to know why they decided to pull down the article, they were informed that it was the media house’s ‘editorial prerogative’.


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