April Fools’ Day is practically around the bend, and in case you’re into viable jokes like me, you’ve most likely depleted the greater part of your best trick thoughts as of now. You’ve trick called everybody in your phonebook, you’ve fixed up basins of water in awful areas in your home, and you’ve vexed your dear old mother with counterfeit news of medication overdose a greater number of times than you can recollect. It’s the ideal opportunity for some new thoughts and not simply tricks. Since April Fools’ Day is tied in with messing around with your companions, there are a great deal of things you can do other than trick each other, and because of the up and coming Bira April Fools’ Fest on 31st March and first April at the NCIS grounds in Delhi, there’s a major line up of occasions to keep you snared:

1. Roast Each Other Or Opt For Some Comic Relief

When you can’t astound each other with your tricks, set a date and meal each other. Attempt not getting a FIR recorded against you. Or then again stunningly better, make a beeline for the Bira 91 April Fools’ Fest and watch your most loved stand-up entertainers like Sumukhi Suresh, Aditi Mittal, Aadar Malik, Sahil Shah and Atul Khatri stimulate your interesting bone at the extraordinarily curated Comedy Arena. You beyond any doubt will appreciate something beyond a couple of snickers with this electric line up!

2.Enjoy A Music Concert With Your Friends

Rather than playing the trick, you could watch the Grammy-assigned Raja Kumari, Nucleya and Divine (Gully Gang) perform inhabit the Bira 91 April Fools’ Fest. The music line-up on both the days is crazy and comprises of rapper PrabhDeep, DJ Ishani, MadStarBase, and so on. Presently doesn’t this sound such a great amount of superior to anything those old school tricks.

3. Enjoy A Gastronomical Explosion

In case you’re into particularly zesty sustenance, perhaps you should advance toward the Bira 91 April Fools’ Day Fest at the NCIS grounds in Delhi on 31st March-first April, where you will get an uncommonly curated fiery nourishment menu called the Bira 91 Hot Stuff at the Food and Beverages zone. Also, that is not all, all your most loved sustenance outlets like Eggjactly, Keventers, Amma Haus, Asian Haus, Fat Lulus, The Grumpy Old Man, Big Fat Sandwiches, Imagine, Sugarthreads, Minus 30, and All Things Chocolate will be there. So don’t make some other arrangements for the end of the week and hoard on!

4. Keep Calm avoid panicking and Have A Happy high on!

One of the astonishing features of the occasion would be the Bira 91 Cocktail Bar where you can snatch some satisfying brew mixed drinks made by world-class mixologist. Additionally, there’s a hot test where you can test the flavor capability of your taste buds!

5.  Go to Bira91 April Fools Day Fest and Enjoy a Few Complimentary Goodies\

In case you’re searching for a day solely brimming with music, comic drama and sustenance, Bira April Fools’ Day Fest is the place to be. So what influences this the most perfect place to be at, you to inquire? Indeed, BIRA 91!! When you book 1 ticket, you’ll get one Bira 91, while in the event that you book 3 tickets to the Bira 91 April Fools’ Fest, you will get 6 jugs of Bira 91 brew complimentary at the setting. Also, in case you’re one of the individuals who get a kick out of the chance to purchase collectables and keepsakes, there will be a restrictive Bira 91 stock shop at the setting where individuals will have the capacity to get their hands on merchandise like Bira growlers, mugs, shirts and so on. Also, in the event that you like what you eat, you can even stock your home with the recently propelled Bira 91 Hot Sauce. Truth be told, you could even win some complimentary endowments just by being at the celebration. Hustle just a bit, folks! Book your ticket, now!


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