Being India the youngest country in the world it is easy to epitomize how the future of the nation depend on the youth of this country. It’s equally sad to see the rise in number of suicide cases among youth this decade.

A similar case happened in Mumbai when an 18-year-old student took his life because his mother didn’t allow him to watch cricket match on TV.

As per Mumbai Mirror, the boy had an verbal argument with his mother when she told him to check water tank outside. When he refused he to do so his mother asked him to switch of the TV.

The local police told Mumbai Mirror that the boy named Nilesh Gupta was watching IPL match when his mother asked him to check water tank. The police informed-
“He refused to do so, following which his mother asked him to switch off the TV. That led to a verbal altercation between the two.”

After turning off the TV his mother got busy with some other work and went outside for 15 minutes . When she came back in, she noticed that Nilesh has locked himself in his room. After calling him a couple of times, when he didn’t respond, she got suspicious and called her neighbours.

Neighbours helped by breaking the door open. After opening the door they all were shocked to the boy hanging on the ceiling fan by a cloth.

He was rushed to the hospital, but unforfunately, was declared dead.
The boy’s father Anil, said he “loved” cricket more than anything.

A senior inspector, Bharat Gaikwad said the statements of family members were recorded and an accidental death report registered.
Another police officer said-
“As of now, we suspect that he killed himself in a fit of rage.”

What you guys think of this incident ?


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