With the development of technology develops the mental levels of people which demand excessive knowledge and understanding. Where do people get their midnight doubts cleared? Do they call their teachers who hardly talk about anything except the textbooks? Or does one ask one’s parents or elders who insanely believe in just studying what’s prescribed?

For that midnight dilemma, one refers to the one and only source, the Internet. The Internet has taken over that space into the minds of people that no human teacher can take. Not denying the efforts the teachers put on their students but with time and with age comes a plethora of queries that a student seeks from person to person but never gets an apt reply to it. Google, as well as YouTube, are those two majorly used sources that everyone, today, accesses and simplifies the webs of muddles as quickly as possible.


How do they help?

Google is not a tiny little search engine that tends to answer all your questions like you own a genie. Google is an extremely vast network that holds up numerous amounts of servers all over the globe that not just collect information but try the best to provide the precisely accurate output to the seeker.
Similarly, with YouTube which is Google’s own part but here, people tend to have their accounts and with their treasure of knowledge and talent, they portray the best way of their best to the audience and a lot, I’m not even kidding, a lot of people have learnt their life lessons, guitar lessons, attained education, etcetera only through YouTube. YouTube is no way any joke but a need at today’s hour.


Their convenient and most friendly way of usage is the only reason everyone turns up towards Google and YouTube. One simply has to type whatever they have in mind and the ultimate source of information is in front of one’s eyes.
Their availability is kid’s friendly as well so parents don’t have to worry about their kids getting their hands on abrupt knowledge and ruining their minds before they come up to that age.


How doubts lead to actual knowledge?

What’s the biggest cause of ignorance? Half or no knowledge about anything is the only cause of ignorance. Students in the school’s study but half of the knowledge they get is just the cramming they do before any test or exam. 90% of the students have no knowledge about the logic behind any topic. The reason being that every student has a very different mental level and with age that grows but by that time they don’t have their teachers to clarify their doubts. They, out of introversion or any other reason, keep that illogical concept deep inside their minds and never ask them out leaving behind a huge blot of the doubt. This is where they get their hands on the technology and clear up whatever comes to their minds.

It’s not all good

Yes, this is true. Excess of everything is bad and totally relying on these sources leads to getting cut out from the actual exposure to the society and getting hands-on experiences. Also, not every knowledge is worth taking from the Internet and there should be a restriction as well but technology has no mind of its own so, it plays with the minds of the ‘mindful’ humans. Also, whatever one achieves from one’s actual school or college can never be gotten from any other source and this is a fact.

One must never stop learning. Your knowledge is the only weapon that you carry. Keep building this up and never stop for anybody. Everyone has access to the major sources of knowledge these days so without making any more excuse, one must dive into the ocean of the world that lacks ignorance but is blessed with the information.


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